What We Do

CETPA is a private, nonprofit counseling services specializing in mental health, addictions and emotional problems.

CETPA has been designed, from the beginning, to properly assess clients in their own language and determining what services offered by CETPA would be most beneficial or, if the client is not appropriate for our services, to make referrals to the proper agencies.

Our services begin with the initial call or drop-in visit, followed by the assessment, admission, treatment planning, treatment, referral, discharge and continuing care. The levels of care recommended to a client are determined by a multidisciplinary team that includes a psychiatrist, a nurse, licensed counselors, master level clinicians and certified addiction counselors.

CETPA provides, or encourages its staff to attend, conferences and other educational activities to further their knowledge and understanding of addiction, mental health and family violence, including new proven methods and best practices for treatment and prevention.

We utilize a variety of treatment and therapeutic services to enable clients to function alcohol and drug free and/or to learn social and psychological skills to improve their overall functioning in life. Our services include individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, supportive counseling, substance abuse education and prevention, family violence groups, psycho-educational groups, evaluations, assessments and referrals.

Our program addresses behavioral health issues such as depression,anxiety, social phobia, substance abuse and addiction for adults and adolescents.

CETPA provides services in Spanish for Spanish speaking consumers or bilingual consumers who, to avoid misunderstanding, prefer to communicate in Spanish. We dedicate a large portion of our resources to meet the linguistic need for behavioral health services in Georgia since we are the only licensed and accredited Latino behavioral health facility in the state. Services are also available in English.

CETPA and its employees are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by ensuring we adhere to human, civil, constitutional, statutory and emotional rights. All employees who have direct contact with clients are bilingual. CETPA includes community leaders, community members and families as part of the decision making process to determine need.

Thank you for your interest in CETPA and for trusting us with the emotional well-being of your friend, client or family member. We invite you to come visit us to learn more about our services and to personally meet our wonderful staff.

Behavioral Health Services

CETPA provides individual, family and group counseling for people suffering negative consequences from alcohol and drug use or addiction, for a variety of mental health issues and employee assistance programs. We are committed to provide the following professional services:

Play Therapy:
CETPA has several certified play therapist on our staff. Through play therapy, children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others. Play provides a safe psychological distance from their problems and allows expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to their development.

CETPA provides Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Psychiatric evaluations for adults and adolescents in Spanish and in English. a client receives when they are applying for admission at CETPA. The result of these evaluations may or may not involve continued utilization of services at CETPA. This decision is based on the results of the evaluation and other exams.

Individual Counseling:
Sessions will be provided for clients that qualify for this level of counseling or for clients who chose individual counseling as a form or continued care.

Sessions will be provided for clients and their spouse/family to involve them in the recovery process and to begin healing their relationships.

Group Counseling:
Different types of groups are available for clients needing ASAM Level I treatment or higher. The minimum length of stay is usually 12 weeks. However, depending on circumstances, the minimum length of stay for some clients will be 18 weeks or longer. Treatment in the state of Georgia, offering a minimum of nine hours of services per week.

Supportive Counseling:
Full hour or half-hour groups covering recovery skills and the introduction 12-Step philosophy. These groups are integrated into Level I or Level II programs.

Group Education:
One and one-half hour education lectures are provided as part of the Level I or Level II programs or as an added support to those in individual or family counseling. Topics and presenters vary each time and include stress management, communication and HIV/AIDS, among others.

Family Program:
Our family program attempts to engage the family in the process of recovery from the beginning. The family program meets on a regular basis. Family members of all ages are invited to attend.

Nursing Services:
As part of the admission process, our clients receive a Physical Assessment by a nurse. The nursing services include a Physician’s assessment, laboratory analysis, tuberculosis (TB) testing, drug testing and voluntary HIV/AIDS testing.

Medication Management:
Our Medical Director provides medication management services to our clients at CETPA. Our nurse can provide any testing necessary before a client is placed on psychotropic medications.



In the Fall of the year 2000, we launched the first bi-lingual and bi-cultural Latino Youth Prevention Program in the State of Georgia.

Since then, we have developed a Latino Youth Prevention Program for boys and a Latina Youth Prevention Program for girls that we currently deliver in four counties to over 350 Latino youth. Our programs are delivered both at the schools we serve after school hours and at our Norcross office on Saturdays.

Our programs utilize components of Latino Programs developed by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), cultural components and an alternative recreational component.



CETPA is dedicated to educating our community about the myths and realities of substance abuse and the common misunderstanding of mental illness. We have crisscrossed the state providing free community education seminars and continue to do so as part of our outreach program. To schedule your seminar, please let us know by using the contact form at the top of this page or call us at (770) 662-0249.