The CETPA TeleCounseling Program is a three- year project to expand trilingual (Portuguese/Spanish/English), culturally appropriate, and evidence-based services for Latinos and their families using a combination of web-based video conferencing services, smartphones, behavioral health electronic applications and access to a client’s portal.

This program is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as a 3-year grant awarded by CETPA in 2016.

If you are struggling with transportation, time, or the lack of access to mental health and substance abuse services in Spanish or Portuguese in your area, now you have the chance to receive counseling services from your home or other clinic/hospital/center closer to you through our telecounseling program.

  • There is no fee for the counseling services and recovery support services,
  • Clients are responsible for their psychiatric treatment costs and appointment
  • It is preferred that clients have their own device (tablet, smartphone, or computer) and access to internet services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why online counseling?
There are many reasons people may prefer online therapy services.
1. It’s convenient: Be seen when and where it works for you without the hassle of taking time off work or sitting in waiting rooms.
2. Safe and secure: Unlike Skype or FaceTime, our technology is HIPAA-compliant and protects your personal information.
3. Completely private: Your sessions are strictly confidential. Sessions are never recorded and you and your counselor have control over whether you invite family or someone else to join your online video call.

What conditions are treated through TeleCounseling?
Our counselors and recovery support staff are trained to treat conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Attention Defficit Hyperactivity, Trauma, Grief, Substance Use Disorders, etc. Currently all clients admitted to this program must have a Substance Use Disorder diagnosis or concurrent.

How do I qualify for the program?
You can qualify for this service if you are over 13 years of age, and:
– You are currently struggling with an alcohol and/or drug problem,
– You live far from CETPA (25 miles or more) or are unable to drive, or have transportation issues,
– You are comfortable with technology and with speaking to a counselor via video call,
– You can commit to participating in weekly video sessions for 6 months.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
The program is completely funded by SAMHSA and there are no costs associated with online counseling. However, there may be a cost for the services you receive before being admitted to the TeleCounseling Program. You may need to be financially responsible for your initial evaluation and psychiatric services (when needed) if you don’t qualify for any of our government funded programs. Those who need to pay for the initial evaluation will be charged a nominal fee based on a sliding scale.

How do I sign up for TeleCounseling?
You can call us for an initial screening but all clients must come to CETPA during Open Access hours to complete the evaluation and initial registration. Open Access is held Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 8:00 a.m. (You must get there early as they do a limited number of evaluations).

Will I be able to receive all CETPA services online?
You will receive counseling sessions with a licensed therapist online. If you are receiving psychiatric services, you may have to periodically come to the clinic as we do not provide telepsychiatry services at the moment. You also may be required to come to the clinic if additional medical testing is done or if your counselor deems necessary to have a face-to-face session.

How do online TeleCounseling sessions work?
CETPA will provide you with software to load on your computer, or mobile device that will allow you to connect to your counselor via secure video at your scheduled time once a week.
How often will I see my counselor? You are required to participate in weekly sessions with a counselor or support staff for 24 weeks or 6 months. If you are unable to attend your weekly sessions, you may be dismissed from the program.

What technology do I need?
Most people already have access to the tools they need to connect. Individuals can access sessions using smartphones, tablets or computers equipped with webcams. No special equipment is required. Client will need a broadband internet connection.

Do I have to know about computer to receive TeleCounseling Services?
You do need basic computer skills depending on the device you will be using to receive the services. Sometimes knowing how to use a smartphone, including downloading and updating applications may be enough to participate. We will assess your comfort with computers during our screening.

I don’t have the necessary devices or internet to do TeleCounseling.
For those who qualify for this program, funded by SAMHSA, may provide the necessary equipment and internet service while you are in treatment with us.

Who provides financing for this program?
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has granted CETPA a 3 year grant to provide Technology Assisted Care to Latinos in Georgia, including TeleCounseling Services.

Is my personal information secure and private?
Absolutely. CETPA TeleCounseling meets the privacy and confidentiality standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our technology is equipped to ensure that your personal information including your history, medical records and treatment are protected and secure. In addition, you will have exclusive access to our client portal, where you can request appointments, message CTCP personnel, view clinical documents and complete assessments.

Does insurance cover TeleCounseling?
At the moment, none of the Georgia Medicaid CMO’s cover Individual, Family or Recovery Support Services through TeleCounseling.

What states do you service using TeleCounseling?
We currently provide TeleCounseling services in Georgia.

I work for another organization, how do I refer a client to TeleCounseling services?
You can fill out the referral form on our website and choose TeleCounseling as the program or call us at 678-993-5159.

Eligibility criteria:

You can qualify for this program if you are:

  • Latino/a 13 years of age and above,
  • Have a Diagnosis of a Substance Use Disorder,
  • Not currently experimenting suicidal/homicidal/active psychotic symptoms or in Domestic Violence situation,
  • Have at least 1 emergency contact person within household,
  • Live far from CETPA (about 25 miles) or have limitations to obtain in person/traditional counseling in Spanish or Portuguese,
  • Feel comfortable with technology and have basic computer skills,
  • Are interested in receiving counseling via Videoconferencing,
  • Commit to participate in weekly sessions for 24 weeks/6 months and answer all questionnaires from the program,
  • Complete a Behavioral Health Assessment at CETPA and a TeleCounseling screening.

The Telecounseling Program is also developing and exploring other ways to help our clients via technology. We have created this YouTube channel with informative videos to help our clients with their recovery.