The TeleCounseling Program is a three- year project to expand trilingual (Portuguese/Spanish/English), culturally appropriate, and evidence-based services for Latinos and their families using a combination of web-based videoconferencing services, smart phones, behavioral health electronic applications and access to a client’s portal.

This program is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as a 3-year grant awarded by CETPA in 2016.

If you are struggling with transportation, time, or the lack of access to mental health and substance abuse services in Spanish or Portuguese in your area, now you have the chance to receive counseling services from your home or other clinic/hospital/center closer to you through our TeleCounseling program.

In order to qualify for

this program you need to:

  • Be thirteen and up;
  • Complete and Evaluation at CETPA and be referred to this program;
  • Live far from CETPA (more than 25 miles or about one hour away), or have transportation issues (unable to drive, or depend on taxi, or somebody else with limited time to drive you)
  • Feel very comfortable speaking with a counselor via computer;
  • Know basic computer skills;
  • Commit to weekly sessions for six months and complete all program questionnaires as requested

For more information contact us at (678) 993-5159